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Being interviewed by award-winning podcaster and interviewer Candy O'Terry was a dream come true. I struggled a bit being called a "Renaissance Woman" and am a bit self-conscious about it, but hearing how Candy talks about me, it sorta makes sense,but I'm still blushing.


"After struggling with how to describe this week’s guest, I’ve landed on “Renaissance woman” not only because she is an expert in so many fields, but because she is prolific at everything she does. Born and raised on a dairy farm in upstate New York, Connie recalls a childhood where she could step out her back door and roam 400 acres of idyllic farmland. The farm was a family business. Connie’s family grew their own hay and corn for their cows, processing the milk at their own dairy, and delivering it to customers far and wide. But it was also at this dairy farm where Connie’s internal compass was rattled when a disgruntled employee struck a match setting the barn on fire at feeding time."

There is so much more to this story. Listen to our full interview here.

Are you haunted or vexed by writers' block? Join me in conversation with mystery author and spiritual medium Carolyn Wilkins to learn how channeling another dimention may help!

New England Crime Bake offers something for everyone. Check out this conference's YouTube channel to learn more.

Here's a glimpse into the amazing writers' community and conference that is "The Bake."


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Offering insight to community in a delightful conversation with podcaster Matty Dalrymple



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